EirGrid Begins Type Registration Test of Smart Wires PowerLine Guardian® Technology

OAKLAND, Calif. – EirGrid, the Irish transmission system operator, has begun type registration testing of Smart Wires PowerLine Guardian™ technology in Portlaoise, Ireland.

Upon successful completion, the PowerLine Guardian™ technology will be included in the toolbox of technology options available to EirGrid, to assist in the operation of the transmission network. EirGrid is the first utility outside the United States to evaluate the product in this manner.

The PowerLine Guardian™ technology is designed to allow utilities to solve congestion issues, manage power flow and provide real-time data and analytics on transmission and distribution grids. The units are installed on overhead line conductors and limit the electrical current flow on the line by injecting magnetizing impedance. They can be operated autonomously or with full operator control.

“We are delighted that EirGrid is testing our PowerLine Guardians™ on its networks,” Smart Wires CEO Jim Davis said. “We anticipate working with EirGrid to identify where our technology can improve and harden these networks and maximize the value of existing assets. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial arrangement with EirGrid.”

“Using new technologies that drive long-term value for customers is vital to the energy system of the future,” EirGrid CEO Fintan Slye said. “The PowerLine Guardian™ is a simple concept that makes better use of spare capacity in parallel lines. EirGrid expects that working with Smart Wires and our partners will realize this potential. From this small start, I anticipate further collaboration with Smart Wires.”

About EirGrid

EirGrid is a state-owned company that operates the transmission network in Ireland and owns SONI, the systems network operator for Northern Ireland. EirGrid operates a total of 6,500 km of overhead transmission lines at voltages of 400kV, 220kV, and 110kV. For more information, please visit www.eirgrid.com.

About Smart Wires

The first-of-a-kind Smart Wires PowerLine Guardian™ technology converts an existing transmission line into a dispatchable Smart Wire. This breakthrough technology allows power to be shifted away from overloaded lines and onto underutilized lines, thereby reducing congestion and ensuring reliability of the network. The resulting grid is lower cost, more resilient and capable of accepting higher penetrations of renewable energy. Smart Wires serves national and international customers in the transmission and distribution industry, including network operators, vertically integrated utilities and transmission owners. For more information, please visit www.smartwires.com.


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