CIGRE’ eNewsletter: Introducing the SmartValve™

USNC CIGRÉ News Issue 16 | FY16 Q2

Sponsor’s Corner: Introducing the SmartValve™
The utility industry is facing tremendous uncertainty – unpredictable future load, the rapid growth of renewables, difficulty building new lines, and major changes and costs associated with power generation.

Some forward-thinking, customer-focused, environmentally aware leaders are considering new types of investments to address their most critical issues. Smart Wires has partnered with four of these utility leaders (one of which is based in Europe) to begin pilot programs in Q2 2016 with a revolutionary new power flow device – the Smart Wires SmartValve™.

The SmartValve is one of two key technologies offered by Smart Wires, a leading grid solutions company that works collaboratively with electric utilities to strategically implement power flow control technology. Smart Wires’ first product, the PowerLine Guardian™ pushes power away from heavily loaded lines onto other lines with available capacity.

The SmartValve leverages and builds upon the proven PowerLine Guardian technology. Using revolutionary power electronics, the SmartValve increases or decreases line impedance as needed, enabling the operator to push and pull power in real-time.

Smart Wires is working with progressive utilities to transform their grids into flexible, dynamic, and highly resilient assets. Smart Wires works with their customers to optimize the flow of power through their grid, enabling them to prioritize network upgrade projects, improve the integration of renewable energy, address near-term transmission constraints, and reduce network congestion.

Smart Wires’ modular approach to grid infrastructure is unique and has several advantages over incumbent power flow control solutions that typically require long-lead times, are highly complex, demand significant capital investment, and ultimately represent single points of failure. Scalability, optionality, reduced lead time, and re-deployability are unique benefits of the Smart Wires approach.