EirGrid SmartValve Pilot Project Report

One of our partner EirGrid’s innovation focus areas is to maximize use of existing transmission infrastructure where possible. In Waterford, Ireland they have trialled Smart Wire’s Guardian™ technology to control power flows with real-time sensing capabilities. From this they are moving to deploy distributed series reactance (DSR) type technology for a full deployment by 2018. This will allow them to better utilize the capacity of existing lines which will help reduce the need for new infrastructure in the long-term.

SmartValve™ is an innovative device from Smart Wires that enables real-time power flow control on grids. It uses series compensation to increase or decrease reactance of a line, which causes power to be pushed away from or pulled onto the line. Please click here for a report that describes a ground-breaking pilot SmartValve project that EirGrid has conducted in association with Smart Wires.