Ian McLeod

Former CEO - Ergon Energy

Former Member of CEO Advisory Committee - Edison Electric Institute

Former Director & Chairman of Regulatory Affairs Committee - Energy Network Association

Over the course of his 30+ year career in the energy industry, Ian has held various leadership positions and gained experience across a broad range of roles and functions.

Most recently he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ergon Energy, one of the largest distribution network companies in Australia. During his nine-year tenure as CEO, Ian led Ergon’s transformation from a traditional utility toward a provider of affordable, secure and sustainable electric service. With one of the highest penetrations of residential rooftop solar in the world, the deployment of commercially viable battery and spatial technology, successful demand management programs and advances in tariff and market reform, Ian and his team positioned Ergon as a respected leader in the electricity sector’s transformation.

Ian has also held leadership positions with Ergon Energy Telecommunications and SPARQ Solutions Pty. Ltd. (ICT), the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), the Energy Networks Association (ENA), Electrix Pty. Ltd., Powercor Australia and the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

Ian currently chairs the Queensland Futures Institute Energy Committee and is an Advisory Board Member for Californian technology companies, Texas based Energy Thought Summit (ETS17) and James Cook University Engineering.

Ian is the owner and principal consultant of TransEn which is focused on enabling a Cleaner, Secure and Affordable energy future.