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Smart Wires is the world’s leader in modular power flow control. Smart Wires technology enables utilities to unlock the large amounts of spare capacity that exists on their systems today. This means they can reduce congestion to save customers money and more quickly connect new renewables and demand. Increasing the use of the existing grid is more cost-effective and less disruptive to communities and the environment than traditional solutions. Smart Wires technology is quick to install and easy to scale or redeploy, providing valuable flexibility given today’s rapidly changing electric system. Based in California, with offices in Ireland and Australia, Smart Wires partners with utilities around the globe to address the unique challenges they face.


WHO we are: Smart Wires is the world’s leading power technology company, transforming one grid at a time for a better, greener future.

WHAT we do: Our revolutionary technology helps electric utilities across the globe solve their biggest challenges, which in turn has significant benefits for consumers and the environment.

WHY choose us: By combining a highly unique product, exceptional technical expertise and superior end-to-end customer service, we provide our customers with game-changing solutions.



Today’s electric grid has become extremely challenging to manage, due to a rapidly changing generation mix, evolving power consumption patterns and challenges permitting new lines. The highly uncertain future demands more flexible and economic solutions which increase efficiency and capture more value from the existing grid.

Smart Wires provides a revolutionary, intelligent “valve” that allows utilities to quickly and inexpensively capture excess capacity that exists on their grids today. By dynamically increasing or decreasing line reactance, SmartValve™ solutions control the flow of power.