Guardian™ Product Family

These devices inject reactance to push power away from a given transmission circuit. Guardians are either installed on each phase conductor (PowerLine Guardian®), or in a Smart Bank™ or Smart Tower™ placed within the transmission right-of-way or in existing substation space (Power Guardian™). The number of devices per phase is determined by the amount of compensation required as each device injects a fixed amount of reactance. The devices can be remotely controlled or programmed to activate automatically based on current set points.

Deployment Options

Smart Bank™ – Power Guardian

This method consists of multiple metal structures, each carrying multiple Power Guardians. This extremely high-density deployment can be constructed on a small footprint within an existing right-of-way, a substation or a dedicated parcel of land.

Smart Tower™ – Power Guardian

This tower can replace an existing structure within a circuit or serve as a new dedicated tower in the middle of a span. Utilities needing to replace old poles or towers can use this method to upgrade their infrastructure and simultaneously add power flow control capabilities to their system.

Conductor Mounted Spread Deployment – Powerline Guardian

This method is available for the PowerLine Guardian® and is best suited for relatively small deployments and/or circuits with sufficient length. Mounting PowerLine Guardians on a conductor is generally the fastest deployment option for utilities wishing to address power flow in a vastly compressed timeline.

Compact Deployment – Powerline Guardian

In this method, many more PowerLine Guardians can be installed on each span. Compact deployment usually involves reconductoring a small line section and/or installing a few new poles. This method allows utilities to choose a preferred location along a circuit, meaning they can completely avoid disturbing residential areas or environmentally sensitive regions.

Guardian technology being installed in Little Falls, MN.