Deployment Options

Power Flow Control Solutions from Smart Wires: Rapidly Deployable and Scalable Impact

Smart Wires has developed various methods for deploying Guardian and Router devices to help utilities address their power flow control requirements. These deployment methods provide flexibility in meeting utilities’ needs in a variety of environments and under diverse constraints.

Mount on Conductor

This method is available for the PowerLine Guardian® and is best suited for relatively small deployments and/or circuits with sufficient length. Mounting PowerLine Guardians on a conductor is generally the fastest deployment option for utilities wishing to address power flow in a vastly compressed timeline. In this method, devices are mounted on the conductor within close proximity to existing wood or steel poles or towers. This method enables utilities to implement power flow control solutions without making any changes to their existing transmission assets.

Compact Deployment

In this method, many more PowerLine Guardians can be installed on each span compared with the conductor-mounted method. Compact deployment usually involves reconductoring a small line section and/or installing a few new poles. These circuit upgrades alleviate any concerns surrounding the physical capability of existing lines and poles/tower to support the weight of the devices. This method allows utilities to choose a preferred location along a circuit, meaning they can completely avoid disturbing residential areas or environmentally sensitive regions. Compact deployment is often capable of providing larger amounts of power flow control compared with the conductor-mounted approach and is particularly useful when there are an insufficient number of spans to support the conductor-mounted method.

Smart Tower™

SmartValves™ can be deployed using a Smart Tower. This tower can replace an existing structure within a circuit or serve as a new dedicated tower in the middle of a span. Utilities needing to replace old poles or towers can use this method to upgrade their infrastructure and simultaneously add power flow control capabilities to their system.

Smart Bank™

This method consists of multiple metal structures, each carrying multiple SmartValves. This extremely high-density deployment can be constructed on a small footprint within an existing right-of-way, a substation or a dedicated parcel of land. This scalable deployment method minimizes outage requirements; construction can take place without disturbing the existing network and the Smart Bank can be quickly tied into the system once construction is complete.