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Increasing Bulk Power Transfer of Renewable Generation with Modular FACTS to Lower Wholesale Costs to Consumers
P. Harrington, B. Kelly, J. Bridge, H. Klingenberg
An Efficient Algorithm for Dispatch of Modular FACTS devices in Transmission Planning
T. Nudell, H. Pourbabak, W Su
Strategic Transmission Investment using Modular Static Synchronous Series Compensators
M. Longoria, C. Heier, E. Scott
An application of modular FACTS devices to relieve transmission constraints and accelerate wind farm connections and firm access
Robert Fenlon
Study Results of the Impact of a Modular SSSC to Transmission Line Protection Schemes
Len Kovalsky, Hamed Khalilinia, Govind Chavan

On Developing Automated Tools for Reliability Planning
Tom Nudell, Jonathan Yu, Easton Fan, Andrew Martin
Trends in Transmission Planning Uncertainty and the Impacts and Value of Leveraging Flexible Investment Strategies and Technologies
Michael Longoria, Ted Bloch-Rubin, Jenny Erwin, Easton Fan, Andrew Martin, Tom Nudell
Use of Power Flow Controllers to Enhance Transmission Network Utilisation on the Irish Transmission Network
Brendan Kelly, Michael Walsh, Frank Kreikebaum, Yves Meyer
Using Modular Flow Control to Improve Transfer Capability, Reduce Constraints on Renewable Generation and Alleviate Congestion
Michael Longoria, Yves Meyer, Paul Harrington
Advancements in Distributed Power Flow Control
O. Pohl, F. Rewald, S. Dalhues, P. Jorke, C. Rehtanz, C. Wietfeld (TU Dortmund), A. Kubis, R. Tamgue (PSI Software), D. Kirsten (ACCANTAS Ltd)
Integration of Series FACTS into Interconnect-scale Production Cost and Long-term Planning Tools
Frank Kreikebaum
FACTS and D-FACTS: The Operational Flexibility Demanded by the Transmission Expansion Planning Task with Increasing RES
Frank Kreikebaum, Stewart Ramsay
Comparative Performance of Smart Wires SmartValve with EHV Series Capacitor: Implications for Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR)
RM Zavadil (Enernex)
Smart Wires – A Distributed, Low-Cost Solution for Controlling Power Flows and Monitoring Transmission Lines
F. Kreikebaum, D. Das, Y. Yang, F. Lambert, D. Divan

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UKPN Loadshare Project 

PG&E EPIC Project Report 

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Overheard at EnVision Forum
Rich Heidorn Jr
Decarbonizing wholesale energy services
Jon Wellinghoff
Improving Transmission Operation with Advanced Technologies: A Review of Deployment Experience and Analysis of Incentives
T. Bruce Tsuchida, Rob Gramlich
Assessment of applicability and cost savings of deploying Smart Wires power flow controls to integrate renewable energy in PJM