A sincere wish for your health

To all our valued customers and contacts across the globe –

As we all find ourselves in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we hope you and your families are safe and doing well. At a time like this, our first thoughts go to the first responders and healthcare professionals that risk so much for the benefit of us all. We also want to thank the heroes that keep the grid running, so hospitals and clinics can function and so the rest of us can shelter-in-place with confidence in the reliability of our electricity.

These unprecedented times provide another reminder of just how critical it is to do the work that we, as an industry, do – ensuring the world has energy for essential services and making life as comfortable as possible, even in these unusually demanding times.   

We are committed to being here for you during this challenging time – please let us know if you have emergent issues and we will do our best to help. And most importantly, we hope you and your families are healthy and weathering this storm together.

Gregg Rotenberg 
Chief Executive Officer

Learn how to plan with SmartValve technology in PSS/E

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP : March 27, 2020 – 11 AM Pacific Time

Join us for a virtual workshop on Smart Wires modular SSSC technology – how it works, the strategic benefits it offers and the practical tools you need to implement SmartValve technology in your PSS/E transmission planning studies.

Greentech Media covers Smart Wires

Greentech Media highlighted how Smart Wires solves challenges on grids around the world by maximizing the transfer capacity of the existing network. SmartValves are being deployed to increase National Grid UK’s network capacity by 1.5 GW, and to ease constraints, improve reliability and reduce curtailment of wind generation in Australia. The innovation manager for Irish transmission operator EirGrid, Jon O’Sullivan, said that SmartValve technology is “more flexible, quicker to build and solves a whole other range of issues that you can’t solve with the old technologies.”

Greece uses Smart Wires Mobile technology to manage short-term congestion on its grid

As we reported in our last newsletter, Greece’s transmission operator, IPTO, has been using Smart Wires’ Mobile technology on its transmission system for the past nine months, to solve some short-term needs and accommodate a higher penetration of renewables. This project successfully completed in February, and is featured in the latest issue of global power and utility magazine, T&D World.

For nine months, IPTO used Smart Wires technology to reduce curtailment of renewable generation by increasing the available transfer capacity on existing transmission assets. The mobile solution allows grid operators to respond much faster to the needs of generators, customers and communities. Historically it takes years to complete projects that provide extra capacity. With tools like Smart Wires’ mobile power flow control, a solution can be designed in a few months and installed in a matter of hours. Being mobile, it’s fully redeployable and can be reused over and over. Following this successful project on the Greek system, the same Smart Wires unit is now moving to the Bulgarian transmission system, where it will also improve renewable integration. Read more about this successful project in T&D World.

CIGRE Publication Highlights Three Australian Projects

This paper features three projects leveraging Smart Wires technology to improve utilization of existing networks and facilitate bulk transfers of renewable energy across regional boundaries. Project benefits include: reduced curtailment of wind generation, increased market access for hydro generation, improved sharing of intermittent generation across broader geographic regions and reduction of forecast probability of unserved energy following retirement of fossil fuel generators.

Renowned European energy industry leader joins Smart Wires

Dr. Susanne Nies joined Smart Wires as General Manager, Germany, and is based in Berlin. As one of Europe’s leading energy figures, Dr. Nies’ vast experience will assist the company as it expands further into the European market. As a major figure in the energy industry, Susanne’s arrival at Smart Wires significantly bolsters our presence in the European market, as we work to help utilities reduce constraints that limit power flows through the existing grid.

Sterlite Power strikes agreement to bring SmartValve to India

Power networks in India are facing major transmission challenges due to urbanization and exponential growth in demand for power. Sterlite Power understands the challenges faced by Indian utilities, such as lack of land to build new lines and integration of large-scale renewable energy. 

“SmartValve technology will help Indian utilities meet their energy delivery needs and address the coinciding challenges of time, space and capital. This technology will enable better power flow, grid stability, and enhanced power transfer capacity on existing infrastructure,” said Manish Agarwal, CEO of Sterlite’s Solutions Business.