World Economic Forum awards, optimizing Germany's grid, launching a European trade association and more

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Thank you for the part you played in helping us achieve two prestigious recognitions from the World Economic Forum

Smart Wires has been honored with two major awards from the World Economic Forum. 

In May, SmartValve™ technology was identified as one of the top three most important transmission grid innovations of the decade, alongside ABB’s HVDC & Siemens’ MMC.
In June, Smart Wires was recognized as a 2020 Technology Pioneer. This positions Smart Wires as one of the world’s top technology companies, poised to have a significant impact on business and society. Previous Technology Pioneers include Google, Spotify, Twitter, Palantir and Airbnb. 

Gregg Rotenberg, Smart Wires CEO reflected, “none of this would be possible without the professional support and friendship of everyone who helped shape this company – from previous generation of technology developers, to our current technology and manufacturing partners, to all our customers who are investing in and pointing the industry towards how to run a lower cost, high-efficiency power grid. Thank you for enabling this achievement.”

Accelerating Germany’s energy transition with innovation and grid optimization

In late June, hundreds of people joined a virtual colloquium hosted by the Research Group on Energy (FGE) at RWTH Aachen, on the valuable time and flexibility offered by grid optimization technologies. The meeting launched a recent study completed by the University and featured leaders from across the European energy industry including National Grid (UK), Amprion (Germany), WindEurope and DENA (German energy agency). The study and event video & presentation can be found here

The study found that modular SSSCs provide double the benefits of phase shifting transformers. Dr. Annika Klettke, study lead, described how the modular characteristics of Smart Wires’ SSSC (static synchronous series compensators) offers substantial value in reducing redispatch, lowering congestion costs and enabling more renewables to connect quickly. Modularity and flexibility of SSSCs allow utilities to quickly install the technology, scale the deployments and relocate devices as necessary. 

Accelerating Germany’s energy transition with innovation and grid optimization

Smart Wires is proud to be one of the founding members of currENT Europe – an energy trade association representing innovative grid technology companies operating in Europe. 

The association launched via webinar in June, with a lively and insightful panel discussion on optimized power networks as a key enabler for the European Green Deal. Guest speakers included prominent figures from the European Parliament and energy industry. 

During the launch, currENT’s Chair, Dr Susanne Nies – who is also Smart Wires’ General Manager, Germany – handed the association’s Policy Paper and seven key recommendations to representatives from the European Parliament. The recommendations center on enabling a framework to support the uptake of new, innovative solutions in Europe’s power networks. 

We invite you to view currENT’s website and follow the association on LinkedIn and Twitter.