PowerLine Guardian®

With PowerLine Guardian technology, electric utilities can alleviate congested and constrained transmission lines by taking advantage of the spare capacity inherent in their network. PowerLine Guardians are installed directly on existing transmission overhead line conductors and inject reactance to increase the transmission line reactance, thereby pushing power away from a transmission circuit that is nearing capacity and onto an electrically-parallel path with spare capacity. Because these solutions are modular, deployments can be scaled and adjusted as needs change over time. PowerLine Guardians are quickly deployable, allowing utilities to defer decisions until sufficient system information is available. These devices are also redeployable, de-risking the investment and eliminating any potential concerns over stranded assets.

The PowerLine Guardian technology has undergone rigorous testing under a variety of environmental and electrical conditions, has been field-installed since 2012 and is currently operational on high-voltage transmission lines in the United States and Europe. The technology is designed to operate continuously for twenty years with no maintenance requirements.

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Minnesota Power Smart Wires PowerLine Guardian® Installation
Little Falls, MN

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