Performing necessary construction and maintenance on transmission assets often requires de-energizing lines. The time periods during which a line can be taken out of service without compromising the system reliability are dictated by seasonal demand. These outage windows are shrinking as utilities demand more and more from their current grids. Even simple projects may require more than one outage window to complete, which vastly increases projects’ time, cost and complexity. With Smart Wires mobile deployment of power flow control, utilities can extend construction and maintenance outage windows, which means they can complete more projects on time and on budget.

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  • Every utility engages in ongoing maintenance activities to preserve asset health and maintain reliability.
  • Due to seasonal changes in load and restrictive outage windows, this utility can address only certain maintenance projects and has to defer others for several years.


  • The utility uses Smart Wires mobile deployment to resolve the system overloads that the scheduled outage causes on other assets.
  • By resolving these overloads, the utility increases the maximum load level possible during an outage. This significantly extends the outage windows.


  • This solution extends the first 10-week outage to 21 weeks, allowing crews to complete the maintenance project with one mobilization of personnel and equipment. This improves safety while saving time and capital.
  • The mobile deployment of power flow control technology enables a lengthy second outage window in the same year. During this time, the utility can complete a major construction project that has been delayed for over 2 years due to their inability to secure an outage of sufficient length.