Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Today’s electricity consumers are demanding more from their energy providers than ever before. To meet these expectations and improve service, utilities must be able to complete critical infrastructure upgrades. However, the cost and challenges associated with maintaining and improving the grid have grown substantially. Often, utilities seeking to improve the efficiency and resiliency of their grid, and ultimately lower customer rates, are hamstrung by their inability to obtain project approvals and overcome public and regulatory opposition.


A European utility developed a 10-year transmission plan which included the need to build over 750 km of new lines. Yet new line builds have been a cornerstone of customer complaints due to the resultant visual impairment of the pristine countryside.

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Smart Wires developed a solution that allowed the utility to accomplish a wide range of goals: meet system needs, enhance reliability, appease a vocal customer base, and reduce renewable energy curtailment. The Smart Wires solution eliminates the need to build more than 300 km of new lines and provides a cost-effective alternative to a key regional-scale transmission project.