Minimize Environmental Disturbance

Enable Low-Impact Investments


In the past, utilities could construct lines when and where they wanted due to fewer environmental regulations and landowners that were much less concerned with ingress and egress. Today’s transmission owners find it much more challenging to build new lines and thus many electric utilities rely on reconductoring existing lines to increase network capacity. This costly approach involves long lead times for materials and permits, sometimes up to 10 years, and requires accessing every span along the entire length of the line.


Two U.S. utilities and a European utility needed to resolve thermal constraints by reconductoring transmission lines. These lines presented challenging issues including crossing a river, an environmentally-sensitive region, and a vulnerable species’ habitat.

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Inherent in the design of Smart Wires’ technologies is an installation flexibility which provides critical advantages over reconductoring and rebuilding lines. There is no longer a need to access the entire length of a particular circuit; areas requiring time-sensitive access or lengthy permitting processes can be avoided. Smart Wires provided a solution for each utility that delivered substantial cost-savings and reduced the impact of construction on the surrounding environment and communities.