Support Challenging Maintenance and Construction Projects

Support Challenging Maintenance and Construction Projects


As transmission operators complete infrastructure repairs and upgrades, they face an increasingly difficult environment. Performing necessary maintenance on transmission assets frequently requires operators to de-energize the lines and remove them from service. These outage windows, dictated by seasonal demand, are consistently shrinking as utilities continue to demand more from their systems. Construction projects often require more time than is available in a given window, meaning crews must mobilize, de-mobilize, and then remobilize. This vastly increases time, cost and complexity for even the simplest construction projects.


A transmission owner needed to take an outage to complete necessary construction. To avoid the overloads that result from this forced outage, the utility could either redispatch expensive generation or spread the project out over a 5-year timespan and limit the outages to non-peak seasons.

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The utility uses Smart Wires mobile deployment to alleviate system overloads during construction, reducing the construction timeline by more than a year and saving ratepayers tens of millions of dollars in expensive redispatch costs. The mobile deployment method enables rapid installation and incredibly easy redeployment once this construction project is complete.