Due to the rapidly changing dynamics of load and generation, problems on the grid are appearing – and sometimes disappearing – at an unprecedented rate. Typical network solutions do not offer the speed-of-installation or the flexibility that these emerging problems demand. In contrast, Smart Wires’ modular, redeployable solutions are an ideal tool to solve these short-term transmission problems. As system needs change, Smart Wires solutions can easily be scaled up or down and redeployed to other locations.

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  • A US utility plans to build a third line from A to B. This will add 400 MW of transfer capacity across Path X and serve the load center’s growing demand.
  • However, the new line faces major political opposition and will take at least 5 years to complete permitting and approvals.
  • Today, the growing load is already causing frequent overloads and will pose a reliability risk in the near-term (1-2 years) leaving the utility with limited options to solve the problem.


  • A mobile deployment of SmartValve™ technology can be quickly installed and will add 155 MW of transfer capacity to Path X.
  • The variable reactance of the solution can resolve all post-contingency overloads, solving the near-term reliability problems.
  • Once the new line is built, the mobile trailer can be redeployed to solve other problems on the network.


  • The utility can solve the near-term reliability issues in a quick and cost-efficient way, while still pursuing the long-term regional investment plan.
  • This bridge solution increases transfer capacity today and also avoids 5 years of congestion costs.
  • This solution provides a high degree of operational flexibility, which allows the utility to vary the line reactance and protect the system under all post- contingency scenarios.