Ilsa Mendoza-Jackson

Vice President of Business Development, Americas

Ilsa Mendoza-Jackson is the Vice President of Business Development for the Americas region. In this role, she works with customers, partners and other key stakeholders throughout North and South America. In all her interactions, Ilsa brings her passion for Smart Wires mission and Guiding Principles.

Prior to joining Smart Wires, Ilsa had more than 30 years of experience in global sales and marketing, primarily in the telecommunications industry.

In her last roles with industry leaders including Verizon and Level 3, she managed global portfolios of more than $50 million. In these roles, Ilsa taught and guided customers on how to leverage new technology to better enable their business.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, and a MBA certificate from Georgia Tech. Ilsa is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

“Working with people to help them achieve their goals, and having a positive impact on the environment and thereby society, is my definition of a great day.”