John L. Parks

Senior Vice President, Project Delivery

John Parks leads the deployment of Smart Wires’ solutions across the world, and is responsible for working with customers to develop implementation strategies that meet their transmission grid needs.

Prior to Smart Wires, John worked for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) where he led the Transmission and Distribution Maintenance and Construction organizations. He was responsible for the 24/7 operation of the PG&E transmission and distribution system. John ensured the safe and reliable delivery of electricity across PG&E’s vast service territory, serving millions of Californians, and the transmission grid which is interconnected across the western United States.

As the Senior Director for PG&E, John gained extensive leadership skills and experience as he was responsible for leading in excess of 2,000 employees responsible for constructing and maintaining the system. 

Additionally, John’s responsibilities included executing the large portfolio of transmission, distribution and substation projects, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This required working with local and federal agencies, contractors, internal and external procurement departments and vendors across the utility industry.

Prior to John’s senior leadership positions, his 40 years of experience included working in craft positions as a journeyman lineman, trouble shooter, frontline supervision, T&D technical specialist, and leading PG&E’s technical training departments.

Because of his commitment to innovative thinking and significant focus on human wellbeing, John spearheaded many safety advancements at PG&E and across the utility industry. These included the advancement of helicopter work procedures, barehand transmission work methods, protective grounding, wood pole and tower climbing safety, and more.

“I am constantly in motion, managing installations around the world – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”