Managing Director, Europe

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Michael Walsh leads Smart Wires’ business throughout Europe.

Prior to joining Smart Wires, Michael was Director of Future Grids at Ireland’s Transmission System Operator, EirGrid. In this role he was responsible for planning the transmission system on the island of Ireland and bringing new technologies into its grid development strategy. It was in this role that he first became familiar with Smart Wires’ innovative solutions. Seeing the potential, he decided to join the Smart Wires team.

During his tenure at EirGrid, Michael was a member of ENTSO-E’s System Development Committee, which oversees the planning of the European-wide transmission system.

Previously, he was Chief Executive of the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) and a Board member of the European Wind Energy Association (Wind Europe). Other previous roles include Manager of market readiness at ESB National Grid, and Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at University College Dublin, Ireland.

Michael is a Fellow of Engineers Ireland and a Board member of the Energy Institute at UCD.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, MBA and Ph.D. from UCD, has authored many peer reviewed papers, and advised a wide variety of international bodies.

“I've always been passionate about making the energy industry work better for society. Finding new ways to serve clean, affordable energy to communities has driven me for my entire career. I am so thrilled to be at a company that fundamentally improves the efficiency of the grid.”