Jonathan O'Sullivan

Jon O'Sullivan - Innovation Manager

"Smart Valve is more flexible, quicker to build and solves a whole other range of issues that you can’t solve with the old technologies."

David Wright - Chief Electricity Engineer

"I can see a world very soon where power grids everywhere become more intelligent, digital and controllable. NGET will be a leader in this transition and it’s inevitable that technology like Smart Wires will be a big part of this future.”

Ian Cameron - Head of Innovation

"At its heart this is a story of optimization. We continue to forge the path towards renewable energy, while saving money for our customers. This is the key to unlocking extra capacity in a safe, cost-effective and fast way."

Réseau de Transport d'Électricité (RTE) - IEEE PES Magazine

"Powerflow control management leads to optimized grid usage in real time and represents a flexible solution to local uncertainty. Smart Wires technology offers several potential economic benefits through their operational flexibility, possible reuse and relocation, and low initial capital-expenditure investment that provides easily scalable solutions if system needs change in the future."


Gerard Reiter - Executive General Manager of Asset Management

"We are always interested in finding new ways to maximise the use of the New South Wales transmission network, and we’re looking forward to working with Smart Wires in this trial."


Tom Fanning - Chairman, President, and CEO (Vice Chairman, EEI)

"This is an exciting time in the energy industry—the ways we generate, distribute, and consume electricity in America are rapidly changing. Today we have the opportunity to play offense and create America’s energy future by becoming smarter, faster, and more responsive."

Rob Manning - Former Chief Energy Delivery Officer and EVP

"This is the kind of advance that can put ‘smart’ into the electric grid and give us a level of control we haven’t had before."

Fintan Slye - Director of National Grid System Operator (former EirGrid CEO)

"Using new technologies that drive long-term value for customers is vital to the energy system of the future. The technology is a simple concept that makes better use of spare capacity in parallel lines."

Tony Earley - Former Chairman, CEO, and President

“The innovative use of distributed power flow control is an important element for making the transmission grid more dynamic and resilient. We are constantly seeking technologies that will lower energy costs for our customers.”


Al Hodnik - Chief Chairman, CEO and President

"With Smart Wires we are able to optimize the use of our existing infrastructure, enabling us to improve the overall utilization of our assets and to save our customers money by deferring the need for costly transmission upgrades. These innovative solutions fit seamlessly into our Energy Forward strategy to create a smarter, stronger, cleaner energy future while efficiently delivering the safe and reliable power our customers rely upon."