July 27th, 8AM EST and 11AM EST

The non-trivial task of planning and operating the electric transmission grid involves numerous stakeholders. These activities are increasingly challenged by new technologies, changing regulations, carbon policies and heightened expectations for reliability and affordability. As a result of the changing dynamics of load and generation, transmission challenges are appearing — and sometimes disappearing — at an unprecedented pace: often at speeds faster than the response time of traditional network solutions. Traditional installed solutions often take too long to implement, are too costly and/or are too permanent to address these near-term, unforeseen or temporary transmission issues. Instead, using operating procedures to address reliability issues can sometimes lead to costly or risky propositions for ratepayers.

During the webinar we’ll explore ways to resolve some of these short-term and near-term needs with Smart Wires solutions. These installed solutions are easily deploy-able and can be redeployed elsewhere as a utility’s system changes. Unlike fixed, immovable assets, the flexible nature of Smart Wires solutions ensures they add value to the grid for their entire life. Join us to learn more!


  • Transmission Planners – learn about new methods for finding and resolving short-term and emergent needs
  • Transmission Operators – Discover how near-term problems can be solved quickly with Smart Wires
  • Managers – gain visibility into ways Planning and Operations can work together to solve grid challenges

Webinar Speakers and Presenters

Michael Longoria

Director of Customer Solutions, Smart Wires Inc.

After spending 6 years in the Transmission Planning department of Oncor, Michael joined Smart Wires. Michael leads efforts to develop and quantify innovative applications of Smart Wires solutions to deliver value to utility customers.

David Whiteley

Executive Director, Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative

David has over 30 years of experience in the electric industry, including time spent as Executive VP of NERC and running Energy Delivery Services for Ameren. David is well-respected across the industry for his experience managing, planning and operating the electric grid.