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Canada's Leading Approach: embracing transmission technologies to accelerate the energy transition

October 13, 2020

Canada has set ambitious climate targets – net zero carbon emissions by 2050 with plans for legally binding 5-year milestones. To meet these goals, Canada is targeting $27B in green infrastructure investment in just the next decade. The electric industry will play a critical role in achieving Canada’s climate targets and delivering this investment.

A 20-minute video and presentation are also available.

The WATT (Working for Advanced Transmission Technologies) Coalition hosted a thought-provoking discussion about how the Canadian electric industry is leveraging innovation to facilitate this transition quickly, affordably and with low environmental impact.

Leaders from government, key industry associations, and network owners and operators provided a variety of perspectives on how the industry is fostering innovation and embracing technology to accelerate the energy transition.

Presented by:

Mark Freyman

Chief Commercial Officer, Smart Wires

Jigar Shah

President & Co-founder, Generate Capital

Ahmed Maria

Director, Transmission Planning, IESO

Francis Bradley

President & CEO, Canadian Electricity Association

Benoit Delourme

Head of Technological Innovation & Network Evolution, Hydro Quebec

Dennis Frehlich

VP Grid Reliability, AESO

Cynthia Chaplin

Executive Director, CAMPUT

Jen Hiscock

Assistant Program Director - Smart Grid & Energy Storage, Natural Resources Canada

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