Integration of Series FACTS into Interconnect-scale Production Cost and Long-term Planning Tools

A power system simulation and planning platform called PLEXOS® was augmented to simulate five types of series FACTS devices. NYISO, ISO New England and PJM footprints – 14,000 buses and 2,500 generators – were evaluated for deployment locations. Results indicate that series FACTS devices can be optimally planned across an interconnect-scale system and the operation of the series FACTS devices can be simulated for an interconnect-scale system.

Publishing Entity



    • A. Wang (Energy Exemplar)
    • S. Broad (Energy Exemplar)
    • F. Kreikebaum

Presented at

CIGRE 2016 C1 -302, 2016

Power system planning, Techno-economic studies, increase transfer capacity, Modular FACTS, Modular SSSC