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The hidden opportunity

Today’s grid is rigid and limited, when we could harness the power of digital technology. Grid operators typically use static ratings of lines when operating the system, but switching to using dynamic ratings enables a new paradigm for system operation. SUMO is a state-of-the-art dynamic line rating software, developed by one of Europe’s leading TSOs, that provides network-wide thermal ratings to support the transition to a digital grid.

The SUMO difference

  • Contactless DLR software ensures rapid and low-cost implementation
  • Built by a system operator, for system operators
  • Wide-scale visibility of conductors, transformers and other network components
  • Range of subscription options based on each system operator’s unique needs
  • Real-time and forecasted ratings for N-0 and N-1 topologies
  • Easily scalable
  • AAR option is FERC Order 881 compliant
  • Easy integration with SCADA/EMS
  • Optional hardware sensors for conductor temperature to enhance data granularity
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Built by a system operator, for system operators

Leading transmission network owner and operator, ELES, saw the potential to get more from their existing grid by using real-time ratings of network elements. SUMO was born.

This state-of-the-art software is now deployed across the transmission grid in Slovenia, and used on a daily basis for real-time operation and operational planning both nationally and internationally in Europe. Over the past 10 years, ELES have used their operational experience with SUMO to refine the software and expand its use across the network.

Download SUMO Case Study


Transmission lines (110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV lines)


Years of use in daily operation and operational planning


Number of annual events mitigated in N-1 topology on average

After seeing the huge impact SUMO can have on improving operational security and support increasing grid capacity, ELES decided to share SUMO with the world. SUMO is already used by several system operators in Europe.

We launched SUMO in 2022 to complement our suite of grid enhancing technologies, combining the power of modelling, analytics, dynamic ratings, and digital power flow control to help grid operators across the global meet the demands of renewable energy adoption and demand-side electrification.

Tailored subscription options based on unique needs

Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR)

  • Best suited for system operators in the US for compliance with FERC Order 881, or system operators who need a simple rating system based on ambient temperature
  • Enables implementation of seasonal ratings and  emergency ratings
  • Easy integration with SCADA/EMS

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

  • Full Dynamic Line Rating system that builds on the AAR option to provide real-time and forecasted ratings for conductors, transformers and other network components in N-0 and N-1 topologies
  • Offers inverse DLR algorithm for icing prevention
  • Interface via APIs for third-party extensions
  • Includes optional hardware sensors for conductor temperature to enhance data granularity

Getting more from your grid

Improve resiliency, safety and reliability

Use system-wide visibility to maintain system reliability and reduce impact of adverse weather conditions. In Slovenia, SUMO mitigates over 50 network events in N, and 500 in N-1 topology on average per year.

Support connection of more renewables

Identify opportunities to unlock capacity on the existing network based on real-time and forecasted weather conditions. SUMO identifies higher transmission capacity 92-96% of time, with median increase of 15-20 % of the nominal.

Unlock grid capacity by combining with SmartValve

Reduce the need for infrastructure by combining SUMO with digital power flow control to use spare capacity on the existing grid, minimizing disruption to local communities and the environment.

Optimize asset lifetimes

Monitor asset health and ensure system components stay within safe operating limits to optimize infrastructure lifetime. Option to use hardware sensors to increase data granularity.

Prevent icing events

Automatically identify when there is high risk of icing through system alarms so that measures can be taken to prevent icing of transmission lines or network components.

Combining technologies

Powerful synergies exist when SUMO is combined with our digital power flow control technology SmartValve™. SUMO identifies spare capacity above static line limits, and SmartValve redirects power flows to utilize this available capacity and provide other dynamic services. This creates a multiplier effect which enables much more renewable energy to flow on the existing grid infrastructure, improves resiliency, and solves many other critical grid challenges.  

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