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SUMO is a state-of-the-art system rating software, developed by one of Europe's leading TSOs, that provides network-wide thermal ratings.

Case Study

Today, SUMO is extensively used across Slovenia

• Slovenia is a key nexus for north-south and east-west power flows across Europe

• SUMO was first installed in 2013 and its reach has continued to grow

• SUMO is now deployed on dozens of network elements, including 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV lines, power transformers, phase shifting transformers and interconnections with neighboring systems

• SUMO is used on a daily basis in Slovenian operations and in the European electricity market

• SUMO also used by system operators in Croatia and Lithuania


Configurations tailored to our customers' needs

Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR)

  • FERC Order 881 compliant
  • Provides AAR based on ambient temperature
  • Enables implementation of seasonal ratings
  • Enables implementation of emergency ratings
  • Easy integration with SCADA/EMS

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

  • Provides real-time and forecasted ratings for N-0 and N-1 topologies
  • Offers inverse DLR algorithm for icing prevention
  • Interface via APIs for third-party extensions
  • Includes optional hardware sensors for conductor temperature to enhance data granularity
  • Provides ratings for conductors, transformers and other network components

Key features

Software-based dynamic rating system

Contactless offering ensures rapid and low-cost implementation

FERC Order 881 compliant

Easy integration with SCADA/EMS

Multiplier effect when combined with SmartValve


Improves network resiliency, safety and reliability with system-wide visibility

  • Identify available capacity to maintain system reliability
  • Reduce impact of adverse weather conditions

Increases capacity based on real-time and forecasted weather conditions

  • Integrate more renewables
  • Minimize the impact of essential infrastructure on communities and the environment
real time rating for lines

Provides real-time rating for lines, transformers and other network equipment

  • Optimize infrastructure lifetime through asset health and monitoring
  • Ensure system components stay within safe operating limits with improved situational awareness

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