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Why Smart Wires?

Smart Wires develops and implements innovative technologies that advance the delivery of electricity around the world.

Our technology is truly game-changing, and it enables electric utilities to maximize transfer capacity on their grids. This means more renewables, improved flexibility and stability, and less constraints, costs and environmental impact.

Our engineering minds are curious and creative. We work together to make renewable and affordable power accessible to everyone.

We thrive on diversity and have talented staff based all over the world. This drives our culture of inclusivity, open-mindedness and innovation.

Want to join a passionate group of engineering minds, working together to deliver greater grid efficiencies and a greener planet?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our Culture

We are passionate about creating a culture that empowers our team members to make good decisions, based on three key values:

Humility - We’re genuine people, we’re proud of what we do and we care about how we do it. Having humility allows us to listen, learn and improve. We seek diverse perspectives and value collaboration. Above all, we are team players, supporting and trusting each other.

Focus – We are laser-focused on creating a meaningful, positive impact and real change for our customers, our industry, and the planet. This requires prioritization and essentialism to ensure we efficiently and effectively meet our commitments.

Transparency – Being authentic, candid, and open – with each other and with our suppliers, partners, and customers – is essential to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Acting with integrity and maintaining honest communication ensures that we are accountable, always improving, and deliver safe, high-quality solutions.

How we're Helping the Planet

Smart Wires’ projects have a meaningful impact on climate change. By increasing the efficiency of existing electricity grids, Smart Wires can enable renewable generation to connect much faster and at a much lower cost than would otherwise be possible, speeding the global energy transition away from carbon-based fuels and towards cleaner, greener options.

Smart Wires can improve the feasibility of renewable projects – allowing development in resource-rich areas that otherwise would prove impossible due to grid integration challenges. By helping electric system operators adjust to the real-time needs of the system, Smart Wires solutions provide valuable system flexibility that means less curtailment of renewable resources in real-time. 


Our Benefits

Smart Wires has a ‘performance reward’ culture that aligns employee compensation with company and individual performance.

We also offer a full range of benefits that support you and eligible family members, including domestic partners and their children. These benefits include health care coverage, ways to save for the future, and other resources to improve your well-being.

Our benefit plans and options are localized, to meet your individual needs. Benefits can vary depending on location, the number of regularly scheduled hours you work, length of employment, and job status such as seasonal or temporary employment.

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