Accelerating the energy transition: optimised power grids for a clean and green future

This webinar puts infrastructure in the perspective of electrification, available and needed innovation, (COVID) constrained budgets, and the need to accelerate the uptake of renewables and the implementation of Europe’s Green Deal.

Optimised power grids together with the deployment of more grids are a central response to the above challenges.

This is the first of a series of three currENT webinars focusing on the role of optimised power networks for delivering the Green Deal. It takes place the day after the Infrastructure Forum of the European Union.

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La eficiencia energética como acelerador de la transición energética

Navegar con éxito la transición energética a la velocidad adecuada y sin ser una carga financiera para los clientes es el desafío más difícil que enfrentan las empresas transportadoras de energía en esta generación. La red eléctrica actual se ha convertido en un gran desafío para su gestión debido al portafolio de generación que ha ido cambiando rápidamente, la evolución de los patrones de consumo de energía y a la resistencia a los nuevos proyectos de infraestructura.

Acompáñanos en este webinar para conocer más a fondo como Smart Wires busca solventar esta problemática.

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dena Energiewende Congress 2020

The dena conference of energy revolution is the leading intersectoral event for the integrated energy transition. We will unite professionals of the energy system transformation from a wide range of sectors with the headline “The Future is Now”. The dena congress aims to connect actors in politics, economics, science, research, multipliers and start-ups.

This year’s congress will be held on 16 th and 17 th November, 2020 at Berlin’s bcc Congress Center. Either as a partner or visitor – we are looking forward to a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences.

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