Use of Power Flow Controllers to Enhance Transmission Network Utilisation on the Irish Transmission Network

EirGrid, the Transmission System Operator in Ireland, evaluated planning options to maximize utilization of the existing network. EirGrid created a new grid development strategy which places particular emphasis on identifying technologies that can help resolve network issues. This paper presents the study findings for the application of power flow controllers to relieve system constraints.

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    • A. Soroudi (EirGrid)
    • B. O’Connell (EirGrid)
    • J. Kelliher (EirGrid)
    • J. O’Sullivan (EirGrid)
    • B. Kelly
    • M. Walsh
    • F. Kreikebaum
    • Y. Meyer

Presented at

CIGRE Paris C2 – 135, 2018

Power system planning, techno-economic studies, power flow studies, increase transfer capacity