Power Transmission Technologies and Solutions: The Latest Advances at RTE, the French Transmission System Operator

RTE, the French transmission system operator, describes a variety of transmission technologies and solutions they have implemented on their system, including Modular FACTS. This paper describes RTE’s experience installing these ‘SmartModules’ on their 63 kV system to resolve a post-contingency overload. RTE found that power flow control management leads to optimized grid usage in real time and also provides a flexible solution to local uncertainty. Compared to legacy forms of power flow control, Modular FACTS solutions provide enhanced flexibility and a more economic choice.


Bruno Meyer, Jean-Yves Astic, Pierre Meyer,
François-Xavier Sardou, Christian Poumarede,
Nicolas Couturier, Mathieu Fontaine, Christian Lemaitre,
Jean Maeght, and Clémentine Straub (RTE)

Increase transfer capacity, improve energy security, renewable integration, Modular FACTS