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Amprion And Smart Wires Have Successfully Tested Modular Power Flow Control Technology

June 8, 2022

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Amprion and Smart Wires have successfully completed a pilot test on the use of innovative technology for optimisation of grid loading. As a result of the one-and-a-half-year cooperation, Amprion has found that there are no technical reservations regarding the use of SmartValve™ technology in the German power grid.

Amprion has carried out extensive studies and technical analyses of Smart Wires’ modular static synchronous series compensator (m-SSSC). The SmartValve is intended to distribute power flows more evenly across circuits, and herewith increase utilisation of lines and contribute to system stability.

“The pilot project has shown that SmartValve is an innovative technology with potential to use the grid more efficiently and to reduce the need for redispatch in the future,” said Dr. Hendrik Neumann, Chief Technical Officer of Amprion.

The SmartValve can optimally utilise the capacity of the lines through targeted load flow changes (increase or decreasing power flows on a circuit). The transmission grid can be controlled in a better way and minimise the expensive use of power plants in congestion management. SmartValves are individual modules that can be expanded into larger deployments, depending on the system needs. The technology is easy to transport, thus can be used in more flexible way at different locations. The new technology can thus complement conventional large and phase-shifting transformers (PST) and introduces new use cases and applications.

“We are very pleased about the successful completion of the preliminary technical studies and the fact that such a reputable and competent transmission network operator as Amprion did not identify any technical reservations regarding the use of SmartValve on the Amprion network. Since the start of our cooperation, SmartValve projects have been carried out in the USA, Australia, England and Austria, to name just a few examples. We now look forward to the next steps within the context of the ambitious climate targets of the new coalition government,” said Dr. Susanne Nies, General Manager Germany of Smart Wires.

The climate targets of the EU and of the German government are accelerating the transformation of the power grid in Europe. In addition to the necessary grid expansion, more innovative technologies are being used for more efficient capacity utilisation. The German grid development plan also opens application of such technology in addition to new expansion project.

"The pilot project has shown that SmartValve is an innovative technology with potential to use the grid more efficiently and to reduce the need for redispatch in the future."

Dr. Hendrik Neumann

Chief Technical Officer of Amprion


Amprion GmbH is one of four transmission system operators in Germany. Our extra-high-voltage network is 11.000 kilometres long and transports electricity across an area that extends from Lower Saxony to the Alps. Around a third of Germany’s economic output is generated there. Our power lines are lifelines of society: They secure jobs and quality of life for 29 million people. We keep the network stable and safe – and prepare the way for a climate-compatible energy system by expanding our network. Around 2.000 employees in Dortmund and at more than 30 other sites help make sure the lights never go out. We also perform overarching operations for integrated grid systems in Germany and Europe.

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