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Modular Static Synchronous Series Compensator Offering Improved Scalability and Replicability Properties

The increasing share of renewable energy generation as well as the liberalization of the electricity markets has led to transmission congestion issues. Traditionally, congestion issues were dealt through grid expansion or upgrading existing transmission lines; these solutions, however, require significant lead time, large upfront investment costs and may be subject to environmental issues or societal opposition.


Panos Xenos, Konstantinos F. Krommydas, Christos-Spyridon G. Karavas, Dimitrios Melissaris, Konstantinos A. Plakas, Christos N. Dikaiakos, Ioannis Moraitis (Independent Power Transmission Operator, IPTO)

congestion management, scalability and replicability analysis, FACTS, M-SSSC