Analysis, Design, Implementation and Validation of an RTDS test benchmark for system integration of M-SSSC solutions in the Santa Marta substation (Colombia)

This paper presents the experience gained during the design and implementation of the performance tests in the Real Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) system for a real power flow control solution based on M-SSSC devices and applied to the Colombian power grid. The tests benchmark is aimed to cover functional performance, harmonic emission, background harmonic immunity and dynamic performance in real operation scenarios. The tests were instrumental to validate the proper integration of the M-SSSC installations with the existent components of the power grid, to define their settings and specify improvements to existing functionalities. Finally, this paper establishes a series of good practices identified from the experience of real transmission systems of the ISA group to incorporate them to the installation of this novel technology and promote the safe expansion of this type of solutions all over the world.


A. Duque; J.A Calderon; C.E Borda; S. Hincapie; J.P Botero; M. Hammad; D. Caro; P. Macedo; C.A Restrepo; J.P Gallego