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Transition to a digital grid

The grid needs a major upgrade so that it can deliver real time (millisecond) flexibility and responsiveness to seamlessly connect clean energy to consumers.

Our portfolio of grid enhancing technologies combines the power of modelling, analytics, dynamic ratings, and digital power flow control to help grid operators across the world meet the demands of renewable energy adoption and demand-side electrification.

We collaborate with system operators to transform the grid into a digital, secure, accessible platform that harnesses the synergies of our innovative technologies and power system expertise.

Our technology complements other grid investments, so new assets gain greater impact, have more flexibility, and greater return on investment  for system operators, regulators and consumers.

Grid enhancing technologies and services portfolio

Network planning


Digital Power Flow Control

SmartValve is an innovative, digital power flow control technology that quickly unlocks network capacity. Utilities use SmartValve to integrate renewables, resolve congestion, lower costs and improve reliability and resilience. SmartValve revolutionizes the power flow control landscape with a modular, transformerless device that offers flexible installation and control.

Network operation


State-of-the-art software

SUMO has been developed by one of Europe’s leading TSOs, that provides network-wide visibility of lines, transformers, and other equipment in real-time and for future forecasts. Since no hardware is required, SUMO can be deployed faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional rating technologies. Utilities use insights from SUMO to increase grid capacity.



Advanced Analytics & Advisory Services

We offer a range of advisory and consultative services. Our power system experts use advanced software and modeling to develop solutions for generation and load connections, and power system operation and planning constraints. With experience developing solutions across the different regions, we look forward to helping customers achieve their strategic goals.

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