Real-Time Operation and Congestion Management Validation of Modular Power Flow Controller on a 150 kV Transmission System

IPTO, the Greek Transmission System Operator, describes their experience installing and testing modular power flow control technology. A post-contingency overload was identified and without any action would result in uneconomic dispatch of generation. Since this need was short-term, a mobile unit of modular power flow control was installed to resolve this constraint. Two representative use cases are presented – manual operation and automatic operation under an N-1 contingency condition. Results validate the device’s ability to redirect power flows to adjacent lines and effectively mitigate congestion.


A. Stratigakos, K. Krommydas, C. Dikaiakos, G. Papaioannou, M. Karystianos, I. Gonos, J. Haggle, L. Grigsby

Increase transfer capacity, improve energy security, renewable integration, Modular FACTS