Why Smart Wires?

We are focused on accelerating the energy transition

Net zero by 2050

Electric grid congestion

Massive investment underway

Digital power system

Huge progress needed this decade to keep 1.5 °C within reach and achieve net zero emissions

Growth of renewable generation and electrification of heating, industry and transportation creates a massive strain on the electricity grid

Global investment in electric grids is set to increase to $400 billion per year by 2030

 A next-generation, digital power system is the critical platform to unleash the energy transition

Reimagining the Grid

Our innovative technology and analytics provide a digital, controllable and optimized power system

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How we help

We enable renewable energy adoption and consumer electrification at the pace and scale required for a net zero world


Faster, lower-cost connections

Less congestion and curtailment

Grid Owners

Increased transfer capacity

Future-proofed investments

Better reliability & resilience

Improved project deliverability


Less infrastructure

Lower utility bills


Creation of clean energy jobs

Supports local economic growth


Quickly and affordably achieve emissions reduction targets

Minimize disruption caused by infrastructure

What we provide

The world’s leading utilities use our technology to solve their challenges and evolve their grid


Digital power flow control technology


Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) & Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)


Advisory and consulting services