Quickly Deployable
Modular & Scalable
Providing Solutions for an Uncertain Future

Increase Utilization of
Existing Infrastructure

Improve Grid Flexibility
Solve Short Term
Problems with
Redeployable Assets
Extend Outage Windows
Accelerate Construction Projects
Reduce Costs

Today’s electric grid has become extremely difficult to manage, due to a rapidly changing power generation mix, evolving electricity consumption patterns and challenges associated with permitting and building new infrastructure. Utilities are demanding more economic, flexible solutions. Industry experts have drawn attention to the fact that global power grids were built without “valves” to control the flow of power. Visionary utilities have recognized it is time for a new paradigm for designing and managing their grids.

Smart Wires solutions provide the first highly intelligent “valve” for transmission grids. Smart Wires designs and manufactures advanced power flow control solutions that dynamically increase or decrease line reactance. With these tools, utilities can push power away from congested lines on to underutilized paths and unlock the excess capacity that exists on their networks today. These solutions install quickly and can be easily relocated, providing the flexibility needed in today’s uncertain landscape. With Smart Wires, utilities can actively dispatch transmission lines, just like generation or load, and create a dynamic grid.