Exploration of Modular Power Flow Control Technology on the Manitoba power system

A study has been performed to examine opportunities to leverage Smart Wires’ SmartValveTM technology to address transmission constraints to increase interconnection capacity between Manitoba and US. This evaluation included a series of steady-state studies conducted using PowerGem’s TARA software and Siemens PSS/E to assess areas where this could resolve constraints on the Manitoba power system. The SmartValve, a Modular Static Synchronous Series Compensator (M-SSSC), was
considered due to its modular nature and ability to be deployed quickly in comparison to some legacy alternative solutions. The SmartValve operates by introducing a controllable reactive voltage in series with transmission lines and can provide various options for mitigating potential transmission limitations.


Amir Motamedi, Brendan Kelly, K. Toews, S. Mayadewi and B. Bagen

Increase transfer capacity, improve energy security, renewable integration, Modular FACTS