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Employee Spotlight: Susana Rumier, Application Engineer

March 28, 2024

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Susana Rumier is an Application Engineer based in Medellín, Colombia, who is passionate about contributing to innovative solutions for a more sustainable future for all. Since joining the Engineering team in late 2023, she has been working with customers and other key stakeholders to educate them on Smart Wires’ products and collaborating with internal cross-functional teams on product management and development, representing the customer’s voice. In this interview, Susana shares her motivation to join Smart Wires in this role, her experience so far, the challenges she’s encountered, and what climate action inspires her.

Why did you want to join Smart Wires as an Application Engineer?

My academic journey has been driven by a fervent passion for creating sustainable solutions, particularly within the naval and electrical sectors. Through participation in various research groups, I’ve gained invaluable insights into pressing sustainability issues like energy transition and waste management. This experience has not only deepened my understanding but also instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility to address these challenges. Joining Smart Wires as an Application Engineer aligns perfectly with my aspirations. The company’s dedication to revolutionizing the grid for net zero resonates with my belief in leveraging technology to harmonize environmental, economic, and social factors. By joining Smart Wires, I saw an opportunity to make a tangible difference on a global scale.

Can you share a bit about your role?

Working at Smart Wires means being hands-on with our innovative solutions in grid optimization and power flow control. We specialize in developing and implementing technologies that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and flexibility of electrical grids. My role involves educating customers and stakeholders about our products and guiding them through the sales and project delivery process. This includes creating and maintaining essential product collateral to facilitate their understanding and address any inquiries they may have. Additionally, I conduct site-specific studies to optimize product usage and develop technical reports to enhance project transparency. Collaborating within cross-functional teams, I represent customer needs during design phases and constantly exchange ideas with my teammates to ensure our designs meet expectations. It’s a dynamic environment where every voice counts! Beyond my day-to-day responsibilities at Smart Wires, I enjoy representing the company in industry circles, sharing our insights, and learning from others.

How would you describe your experience here so far?

My journey at Smart Wires has been immensely fulfilling. Initially, I was thrilled to immerse myself in the company culture and connect with colleagues in both virtual and in-person settings at our Medellin office. The warm welcome from everyone made settling in effortless. I also had the privilege of visiting our headquarters and factory, where I encountered individuals from diverse backgrounds—a testament to our company’s multicultural richness. One memorable instance was when I found myself stranded overnight in Miami due to a flight cancellation. Remarkably, within an hour, I was dining with Joaquin, our General Manager – Americas, showcasing the agility and camaraderie within our distributed team. Moreover, the ample opportunities for professional growth here speak volumes about our company’s dedication to nurturing talent. I feel genuinely blessed to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking team, and I’m eagerly looking forward to continuing to contribute to our collective success.

What aspect of your work are you most passionate about, and why?

One aspect of my work that I’m deeply passionate about is our role in driving the energy sector toward sustainability. At Smart Wires we’re not merely selling products; we’re pioneering change, integrating renewable energy sources, and boosting grid efficiency. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities – one moment I’m immersed in a project in Colombia, the next I’m supporting my colleagues with a project in Australia. This dynamic global engagement underscores our collective impact and fosters a collaborative spirit. Working closely with cross-functional teams broadens my perspective and empowers us to overcome complex challenges together. I also find fulfillment in developing product collateral, equipping customers with the tools they need to address their grid challenges effectively. Looking ahead, I aim to continue innovating and contributing to Smart Wires’ mission, shaping a sustainable and resilient energy future.

What is the most challenging part of being an Application Engineer?

The challenge of being an Application Engineer lies in navigating the dynamic intersection of technology and real-world application. Balancing technical expertise with practical considerations can be demanding, especially when addressing complex customer needs and ever-evolving industry standards. However, I overcome these challenges by staying proactive in learning and adapting. This involves keeping abreast of emerging technologies, reading technical papers, attending webinars, having internal training discussions, actively seeking feedback from customers and colleagues, and continuously honing my problem-solving skills. Moreover, promoting transparent communication and fostering collaborative efforts within cross-functional teams plays a pivotal role in surmounting intricate challenges. Through active engagement, diverse perspectives converge to form a comprehensive strategy. This ensures that all facets of a problem are thoroughly examined. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of each team member, I can adeptly navigate the complexities inherent in the role, ultimately delivering innovative solutions that resonate with our customers.

Outside of your day-to-day work, what climate action inspires you?

Beyond my daily work, I draw inspiration from grassroots climate activism and community-driven initiatives. For instance, Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Communities advocate for their territories against deforestation and mining, while ventures like Guatapé’s community-based ecotourism promote responsible tourism and local economies. Witnessing these efforts motivates me to incorporate small actions into my daily life. These actions range from sourcing produce from local farmer markets and minimizing purchases of pre-packaged goods to transitioning to environmentally friendly cleaning products. I’m also encouraged by our company and partners’ focus on climate actions, particularly in supporting offshore generation. This collective commitment underscores our responsibility to enact meaningful change for the environment.

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