Increasing Bulk Power Transfer of Renewable Generation with Modular FACTS to Lower Wholesale Costs to Consumers

This paper describes how three Australian network owners, TransGrid, AusNet and ElectraNet, plan to leverage modular FACTS to facilitate the bulk transfer of renewable energy across regional boundaries. Using modular FACTS to improve the utilization of existing networks means reduced of wind generation curtailment, improved market access for hydro generation, and a lower probability of unserved energy following retirement of fossil fuel generators.

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    • J. Bridge (AusNet)
    • A. Kingsmill (TransGrid)
    • H. Klingenberg (ElectraNet)
    • P. Harrington
    • B. Kelly

Presented at

CIGRE Johannessburg, 2019

Improve energy security, optimize economic dispatch and reduce renewable curtailment, increase transfer capacity, renewable integration, cost-benefit analysis, increase transfer capacity, Modular FACTS