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We are transforming the grid into a digital, secure, accessible platform capable of delivering net zero.

3.5 GW

of network capacity unlocked

$1.6 B

in customer savings


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Transforming grids globally

Australia is undergoing a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables. After the 2022 elections – in which the Australian people delivered a clear mandate for aggressive climate action – that transition is likely to accelerate further.

Smart Wires partners with many of the largest utilities in Australia to deliver cheaper, cleaner energy from remote generation sources to population centers – with minimal community and environmental impact.

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Colombia faces familiar energy challenges — as well as unique opportunities for innovation.

The country has significant hydropower resources, but heat periods — exacerbated by climate change — are creating obstacles to reliable electricity supply. In addition, the best wind and solar sources are located in remote parts of the country with few transmission lines.

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The UK has adopted ambitious renewable energy goals - and achieving them means overcoming key grid-related challenges.

Among these challenges is geography: much of the UK’s renewable generation is in wind-rich Scotland, whereas most demand is in London and elsewhere in the south. Meeting the country’s energy needs in affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible ways means optimizing existing electricity networks for efficient distribution and transmission.

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