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August 10, 2022

Smart Wires Technology Ltd (“Smart Wires”) today announced a new agreement with Operato d.o.o. (“Operato”) to act as a re-seller for Operato’s SUMO Dynamic Rating System. This compliments and strengthens Smart Wires’ existing offering to help grid operators meet the demands of renewable energy adoption and demand-side electrification with advanced data analytics, system modeling and power flow optimization.

Powerful synergies exist between these technologies. Power flow control (Smart Wires existing offering)  maximizes the use of  grid capacity by redirecting power flows to underutilized lines. A dynamic rating system (Smart Wires new offering) uses weather data to find and quantify situations where even more additional capacity might be available. The combined application of these two technologies creates a multiplier effect which enables much more renewable energy to flow on the existing grid infrastructure. The total available market for dynamic rating systems and the additional power flow control technology required to fully leverage the newly identified circuit capacity is estimated at $10B per annum.

“Smart Wires teaming up with Operato significantly strengthens our current commercial offering by combining modelling, analytics, power flow control and dynamic ratings,” said Peter Wells, Smart Wires CEO. “This partnership creates a high-impact value proposition for our customers.”

There is growing industry agreement on the importance and criticality of leveraging dynamic ratings for lines and other electric system equipment to improve system safety and efficiency. Earlier this year, FERC (the national regulator for electric utilities in the US) opened a notice of inquiry on dynamic line ratings which seeks guidance on a threshold for transmission lines to qualify for a dynamic line rating requirement.

Andrej Souvent, Operato CEO, commented, “We are one of the industry leaders in the Dynamic Ratings space in Europe with technology proven on live utility systems for over 10 years. Partnering with Smart Wires will accelerate our growth, as Smart Wires has a demonstrated global track record of working with utilities to solve complex challenges on the grid by getting more from today’s infrastructure.”



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SUMO is an indirect dynamic rating system. This software-based offering with an optional hardware component provides system-wide visibility of lines, transformers and other network equipment in real-time and for future forecasts. Electricity system operators use insights from SUMO to optimize network operation, increase grid capacity and improve operational safety. Since no hardware is required, SUMO can be deployed faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional dynamic rating technologies.



Operato is a subsidiary of ELES Group which is controlled by the Slovenian transmission system owner and operator ELES d.o.o. Operato is a Grid Enhancing Technology provider with a mission to empower power system operators with efficient solutions that follow green transformation principles and are based on the experience and know-how of an innovative TSO.


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