Smart Wires collaborates with DIgSILENT to launch SSSC network model

February 6, 2023

Smart Wires has collaborated with DIgSILENT to develop a network model for Static Synchronous Series Compensators (SSSC), which was launched this month as part of the latest PowerFactory 2023 release.

Smart Wires’ global team of power system experts use advanced software and modelling to develop solutions for critical network challenges in close collaboration with our customers.

The launch of this new model simplifies the process for modelling Smart Wires’ modular SSSC – SmartValve™ – in network planning and operation studies for grid operators around the world who use PowerFactory, opening new opportunities to unlock capacity on their grids.

“The launch of built-in SSSC models like this is a huge step forward for grid operators across the world, allowing them to easily model our technology in their networks,” said Tom Nudell, PhD, Senior Director of Analytics at Smart Wires. “Working with the DIgSILENT team has been a pleasure, and we look forward to replicating this with more grid modeling providers in the near future.”

SmartValve is a modular SSSC and leverages a transformerless approach, sealed forced air cooling, and an integrated fast-acting bypass. This move towards a modular, digital SSSC eliminates many shortfalls of previous SSSC technology, providing a flexible and scalable solution with high reliability, faster delivery and installations, with multiple network applications.

The SSSC template model is currently only available in PowerFactory 2023, but Smart Wires’ power system experts can provide guidance on modelling SmartValves in previous versions of PowerFactory and across multiple other platforms as listed here. In addition to advising on the modelling of SmartValve in power system planning and operations platforms, our services include steady state studies, economic analysis, dynamic time domain studies, EMT studies, advisory services on generation and load connections, and more. 

We are actively collaborating with additional power system planning and operation software companies to develop a SSSC network model for their platforms, so that we can help even more grid operators to use SmartValve to transform their grids.

Smart Wires combines the power of modelling, analytics, dynamic ratings, and digital power flow control to help grid operators meet the demands of renewable energy adoption and demand-side electrification across the world. Want to find out how you can reimagine your grid for net zero? Reach out to us at

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