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Validating the dynamic performance of SmartValve using HIL testing

February 13, 2023

Smart Wires, the world’s leading grid enhancing technology and service provider, has adopted RTDS® Simulator for the closed-loop factory testing of its power system products.


Smart Wires’ North Carolina headquarters houses its Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) laboratory where its team of power system engineers can remotely access the HIL setup for high-fidelity power system studies and device testing.

For a recent project, Smart Wires used the HIL testing setup to validate several functionalities of a SmartValve system before the deployment at the customer’s site. The aim was to test the interoperability between SmartValve and the protection relays that operate on the line. Two RTDS Simulator units were required to complete the testing, given the large network size under study.

The full case study detailing how Smart Wires used HIL testing for this customer project is available below.

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