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Harnessing the synergies of SmartValve™ and SUMO

Project overview

The current grid infrastructure is insufficient for meeting the demands of renewable energy and widespread electrification. It requires a major upgrade involving new hardware, software, and services to provide real-time flexibility and responsiveness. Two key technologies, advanced power flow control (APFC) and Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), are crucial in enabling this upgrade. A study analyzed the combined capabilities of these technologies in increasing grid capacity in Latin America under 2024 scenarios. SmartValve, a APFC solution, resolves grid bottlenecks and issues by injecting voltage to adjust power flow. SUMO, a software-enabled DLR solution, can be quickly implemented at low cost and tailored to specific needs. Combining SmartValve and SUMO unlocked additional capacity of 150 MW in one scenario, and over 300 MW in another, demonstrating the powerful synergies of using both technologies together.

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The benefits

Unlocks 300 MW of extra capacity

Faster connection of renewables

Annual cost savings of $25 million

Enhanced flexibility, resiliency, and reliability

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Harnessing the synergies of SmartValve™ and SUMO: A network study in Latin America

Download Synergies Case Study