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Enlaza – GEB: Termocandelaria Project

Project overview

The Termocandelaria generation plant was scheduled for expansion in 2022 to meet increasing electricity demand in the north of Colombia. However studies showed that under a N-1 contingency of nearby 220 kV circuits, congestion would limit output of the generation plant. Enlaza – GEB, the Group’s electric power transmission subsidiary, considered multiple options to resolve this congestion before deciding to deploy SmartValves across two 220 kV circuits to control power flows. This could be installed much faster than the alternative option of reconductoring, avoiding curtailment of the Termocalendaria plant and providing 252 MW of extra capacity for the generation plant with minimal impact on local communities in this urban area.

Download the case study below for more details on this project. 


Download Enlaza - GEB Case Study

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The benefits

Enables additional 252 MW of generation

Improves security of supply

Optimized use of substation space

Provides flexible scalable solution

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Termocandelaria project: Improving dispatch reliability for a generation plant

Download Enlaza - GEB Case Study