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Real-Time Simulations to Validate the Impact of M-SSSC Devices on Protection Coordination in Power Systems

This paper analyzes the impact of the integration of the Modular Static Synchronous Series Compensator (M-SSSC) solution that will be deployed in the Santa Marta 220 kV (Colombian substation) by using real-time simulations with Hardware in the Loop (HIL) technique, over the protection coordination schemes in the area of influence. The results show that the M-SSSC devices can be successfully coordinated with the protection schemes, mitigating overloads through the transmission lines during steady state and contingencies, while avoiding potential harmful interactions with the grid and, most importantly, with protection devices. This behavior is achieved by using overcurrent detection logics implemented on M-SSSC devices that trip fast-acting Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) that cease the voltage injection in less than 5 ms.


J.P Gallego; A. Duque; C.E Borda; J.A Calderon; J. Marin; P. Macedo; S. Hincapie