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Statistical Methodology for TRV Analysis for M-SSSC Solutions in the Santa Marta Substation (Colombia)

This paper presents the methodology used to evaluate Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) of the breakers of two transmission lines considering the presence of M-SSSC devices. The study uses a statistical representation of the breakers operation in a power system grid model developed in an EMT software. The simulations performed consist in the combination of faults of different natures with different fault resistances and locations throughout the length of the line, and different points of occurrence within the voltage waveform; Analysis of all cases is based on validating if the TRV of the breakers surpasses the characteristic withstand envelopes of the breaker. The results of these tests showed that the effect of the rapid bypass protection system of the M-SSSC and the nature itself of the device (not an energy-storing element) minimize the risk of TRV violations in a power system. Finally, the same nature of tests was performed with a fixed series compensation element to compare the negative effects in TRV of fixed compensation versus the action of the M-SSSC


J.P Botero; A. Duque; C.E Borda; J.A Calderon; J. Marin; D. Caro