Smart Wires Inc.

Austrian Power Grid

Project overview

Austrian Power Grid (APG) installed SmartValves in a mobile deployment on their 220 kV network to evaluate how grid availability and operation reliability can be improved using power flow control. The mobile deployment option reduces the need for costly substation site modifications and increases efficiency by enabling companies to install and commission SmartValves within days. Joint studies showed that the SmartValves can contribute to optimizing power flows on APG’s grid to unlock extra transmission capacity for the integration of more renewables. This would support Austria’s progress to achieve the goal of 100% from renewables in the electricity mix until 2030. SmartValve complements other grid optimization technologies and supports the system from a stability perspective.


The benefits

Reduces congestion on the network

Provides greater operational flexibility

Enables fast response to changing system needs


“The technology has the potential to relieve the Austrian electricity grid and to make it more stable especially during the transformation of the energy system"
Christoph Schuh
APG's company spokesperson