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Advanced Power Flow Control and Dynamic Line Rating software included in projects selected to receive DOE funding

November 20, 2023

The US Department of Energy has announced that four projects have been selected for funding to deploy grid enhancing technologies (GETs) that will improve grid reliability, optimize existing grid infrastructure, and support connection of renewable energy. The GETs that will be primarily used are Advanced Power Flow Control (APFC) such as SmartValve, Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) and Digital Twin technologies.

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Grid enhancing technologies have gained increasingly more recognition in the US over the past few years, especially in terms of their role in enabling better use of the existing grid. So much so that the Department of Energy (DOE) launched a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) in February specifically for accelerating the deployment of GETs. The recipients of this funding were announced by the DOE on 13 November for four projects that will use APFC, DLR and Digital Twin technologies. The US Department of Energy’s official release is available here.

These projects will deploy these GETs in multiple states across the US, aiming to optimize infrastructure in existing rights of way, while also facilitating renewable resource interconnection and market access by improving the reliability and efficiency of power transfer. Some of the projects will combine different GETs to harness the powerful synergies that exist when used together. For example, DLR identifies spare capacity above the static line limits, and APFC redirects power flows to utilize this available capacity and provide other dynamic services.

“There’s no one ‘fix all’ solution to delivering on a net zero grid so it’s great to see projects like these that involve multiple GETs as part of the same project. This will show how these technologies can work together to deliver operational benefits and cost savings for utilities and ultimately lower costs for consumers,”

Ted Bloch-Rubin, Director of Business Development, Americas at Smart Wires

Smart Wires also offers SUMO, a state-of-the-art dynamic line rating software developed by a Transmission System Operator, that provides system-wide dynamic ratings to identify spare grid capacity above static limits. Powerful synergies exist when DLR such as SUMO is combined with APFC such as SmartValve, providing  multiplier effect which enables much more renewable energy to flow on the existing grid infrastructure, improves resiliency, and solves many other critical grid challenges. 

The projects will be delivered in 2024.

Selection for award negotiations is not a commitment by DOE to issue an award or provide funding. Before funding is issued, DOE and the applicants will undergo a negotiation process, and DOE may cancel negotiations and rescind the selection for any reason during that time.

About Smart Wires

Smart Wires is the world’s leading grid enhancing technology and services provider. We help electric utilities unlock capacity and solve their critical grid issues, using our solutions to create a more flexible, reliable and affordable grid. This enables a faster, more cost-efficient path to meet growing electricity demand with clean energy generation, at lowest cost to consumers. Headquartered in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Smart Wires has a global workforce of passionate and visionary industry-leading experts across four continents, who work every day to transform grids globally. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we’ve unlocked over 3.5 Gigawatts capacity—enough to power over 2.5 million homes—supporting the faster integration of clean energy and new demand, enhancing security of supply and delivering cost savings to consumers.

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