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Our portfolio of grid enhancing technologies combines the power of modelling, analytics, dynamic ratings, and digital power flow control to help grid operators across the world meet the demands of renewable energy adoption and demand-side electrification.

Our portfolio


Modular Power Flow Control

SmartValve is a digital power flow control technology that quickly solves bottlenecks and grid issues to create extra capacity. It is a patented award-winning modular Static Synchronous Series Compensator (m-SSSC) that injects a voltage in quadrature with the line current to control power flows on transmission circuits. It eliminates many disadvantages of legacy power flow control devices, providing a flexible and scalable technology with high reliability, faster delivery and installation, with multiple network applications.  


Dynamic Line Rating

SUMO is a state-of-the-art Dynamic Line Rating software, developed by one of Europe’s leading TSOs, that provides network-wide visibility of lines, transformers, and other equipment to enable system operators to efficiently operate their grids. Since no hardware is required, SUMO can be deployed faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional DLR technologies and can be easily rolled out across additional lines and equipment. SUMO is compliant with FERC Order 881 for US utilities. 


Analytics & Advisory Services

Smart Wires Analytics team provides a range of advisory services to transmission owners and operators around the world, including studies for generation and load connections, power system planning, and technology integration. The team has used advanced software and modeling to develop solutions for more than 100 power systems across the world, and are specialized in SSSC technology. We also have an in-house RTDS testing lab for running complex studies for our customers.