Enabling the Dynamic Grid of the Future with Modular Power Flow Control

Smart Wires develops and manufactures modular power flow control solutions that can push or pull power away from overloaded transmission lines and onto under-utilized corridors on the transmission grid. System operators can dynamically monitor and control each line, transferring more or less power based on the real-time needs of load and generation. Smart Wires solutions represent a quickly deployable, scalable and reusable alternative to traditional planning tools.  Given the uncertain nature of future network needs, Smart Wires’ devices are a robust investment capable of mitigating near-term constraints while providing long-term flexibility. There are two classes of Smart Wires’ technology, both of which are installed on existing medium- and high-voltage transmission lines (less than or equal to 500 kV):

Guardian. These devices increase the transmission line’s reactance, pushing power away from a given circuit.

Router. These devices can either increase or decrease the reactance of a transmission line, pushing power away from or pulling power onto a given circuit.