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Power flow control

SmartValve is an innovative, digital power flow control technology that quickly unlocks network capacity by pushing power off overloaded lines or pulling power onto underutilized lines.

Key features

Increase power flows, decrease power flows, perform dynamic services

Voltage agnostic with integrated fast-acting bypass

Modular, scalable and redeployable

Flexibility in installation and control

Rapid delivery and installation


Flexibility in installation and control

Installation methods

Control modes


Fixed reactance


Fixed voltage


Current control

SmartValve, a FACTS device

SmartValve is the next logical step in the progression of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems).

Prior SSSC (Static Synchronous Series Compensator) installations have required custom designs, series injection transformers and considerable substation space. SmartValve offers a move away from custom engineering towards a modular, standard offering that eliminates these disadvantages.

SmartValve is a single-phase, modular-SSSC that injects a leading or lagging voltage in quadrature with the line current. This means it can increase or decrease power flows on a circuit and perform dynamic services. Distinct from legacy SSSCs, SmartValve is transformerless and uses an integrated, fast-acting bypass for protection from system faults. A SmartValve installation is connected in series with a utility facility, operates at line potential and has no connection to ground.

SmartValve is a modular, transformerless SSSC, with an integrated fast-acting bypass and flexible installation and control.

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