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Smart Wires Announces New Headquarters on US East Coast

June 8, 2022

San Francisco, US: Global power technology company, Smart Wires, today announced a new corporate headquarters – moving from Union City, California, to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The move to the new North Carolina site strengthens Smart Wires’ US presence, positioning the Company to support strong momentum across its key growth markets.

The site will open in early 2022 with new R&D, Testing & Validation Laboratories, and Offices.

According to Smart Wires’ CEO, Peter Wells, the company intends to relocate certain US-based employees to North Carolina and add a further 250 personnel to its US operations over the next five years. Smart Wires already has a growing global workforce of more than 150 professionals spread across four continents – North America, Europe, Australia and South America.

“The decision to relocate follows significant company and market growth,” he said.

“With the rapidly increasing demand for grid enhancing technologies around the world, we’re at a critical inflection point in our journey. Choosing the right strategic location for our Headquarters is key to our future success as we continue to help electric utilities across the globe solve their biggest challenges and evolve their grids,” Peter said.

“Not only is North Carolina a strong hub for smart grid businesses, it also provides significant access to talent, R&D partnerships, manufacturing know-how, and exceptional infrastructure that is continuously growing and improving,” he said.

“This move provides the ideal support for rapid and sustained growth, and better positioning for our global customer base, and manufacturing and supply chain partnerships.

“We’re excited for this next major chapter in our company’s history, and are looking forward to being part of the vibrant and innovative business community of North Carolina,” Peter said.

“North Carolina’s transition to a clean energy economy enhances our reputation as a forward looking, attractive business location,” said North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper. “Smart Wires’ selection of the Research Triangle for its headquarters shows our state has the skilled workforce and public policies to support one of the most promising new industries of the 21st Century, and we welcome this innovative company to our state.”

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